Excursion to Marettimo

The wildest among the Aegadian Islands

Don't miss our excursion to Marettimo, the wildest of the Aegadian Islands as well as the farthest. A few theories narrate it corresponds to Itaca, the home of Ulysses.

We sail from Trapani toward the port of Marettimo, where our guests may visit the natural reserve that includes and the well-known natural caves.

We'll then stop at the port, where the captain will treat you to a meal based on typical Sicilian food.

Then we'll visit the castle of Punta Troja, an ancient Saracen tower and you'll have the chance to dive in the crystal clear water of the island, snorkeling with our equipment.

We'll then sail toward the port of Trapani, but we'll also make a short stop in Cala Fredda, a wonderful bay in Levanzo.

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